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The Bible

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The Bible is like a super special library. It is a giant storybook filled with adventures and lessons. It has two parts: the Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures) and the New Testament (Christian Scriptures). The Old Testament has stories from a long, long time ago, with heroes, rules, and even talking donkeys! Then, the New Testament is all about Jesus – his miracles, teachings, and how much he loves everyone. So, the Bible is basically a fantastic story collection that helps us learn about love, wisdom, friendship, and how to be our best selves in kind and caring ways.


The Bible is a library of 66 books!

The Bible has 1189 chapters!

The Bible contains about 773,700 words!


Testament means convenant or promise.

Gospel means “Good News.”

Biblia is the Greek word for Bible and it means “books.”

The Bible has over 40 different authors!

The Bible has prose, poetry, wisdom, letters, and many forms of writing!

It would take you approximately 70 hours to read the whole Bible out loud!

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Bible Basics Quiz... Whatcha got?

Click on the link above to see what you know about the Bible. 

Do not JUDGE (it is in the Bible), and therefore, it is okay no matter what the result. 


Whether or not you know the Bible does not make God love you any differently. 

People, however, often use the Bible as a book to create and fear and hate.

Those of us who know that is not true, don't often have some of the key pieces of knowledge to combat the misuse of the Bible. 

Basic biblical knowledge, study, and research help all of us build a stronger foundation to better theologies or understandings of just how big God's love is for the world. 

Easy Article to Help Kid's (and some Adults) Understand the Bible

Click Here!

Tidbit: Find a place in your house to write one scripture a week. 

(Whiteboard? Lunch Box Post-it? Dry-Erase it on a Bathroom Mirror? Post it in the Car Console?)

Here are two scriptures to get you reflecting...

Every scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for showing mistakes, for correcting, and for training character, so that the person who belongs to God can be equipped to do everything that is good. (2 Timothy 3:16-17, Common English Bible) 

  • Who is Timothy? 

  • Who is writing this?

  • What does this mean to you?

"I am about to do a new thing;
now it springs forth; do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
and rivers in the desert."
(Isaiah 43:19, New Revised Standard Version)

  • Where is this found in The Bible

  • Who is writing this?

  • Who is hearing this? 

  • What new thing may God be doing for you or your family. 

Popular Bible Translations

FYI: The Bible was not originally written in English. (Crazy - right?) 

The version of the Bible you read will impact your experience and understanding. 

I suggest a variety. Check out and you can compare different versions. 

You can also get SUPER fancy and look up the original terms:

Here are some popular versions:

New Revised Standard Version (and all its updates)

(Accurate and inclusive version.) 

The Message Bible

(Creative to read, but not accurate.)

King James Version

(The Elizabethan English version.) 

New International Version

(A solid version, but not inclusive.)

The Good News Bible

(Easy to read, but not accurate version.)

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