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Who doesn't love FREE stuff? 


Faith Jam Jar

This easy to print PDF gives you 30 reflections that include scripture, questions, sharing opportunities, faith words, and tidbits of information in a game format that is accessible for the dinner table, the car, or wherever you hvae 5 minutes. 

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Free Curiosity Session

Still need to figure out what this is all about? Hmmm... 

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Church Leaders
FREE 20 Minute virtual session.

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Module Example:
FREE - Bible Basics

What's a Module? (I am so glad you asked!) 
Modules are biblical lessons and education website pages where you can pick and choose what may work best for you or your family on your own time. You can access them from anywhere you are “connected”. Each module has 8-14 different lessons. 

These membership access webpages have connections to story videos, Wikipedia, crafts, and scriptures. There is also just some quick basic information if that is all you have time to do. 

Module/Lesson Guide

3 FREE Lessons on Bible Basics

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