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My Favorite Things

Over the years I have collected lots of helpful resources to help families engage in both the home and in communities of faith. I am here to help you use these resources as you have important faith interactions every day. These are just the starting points. 

How to Talk to Children Based on Age

Children Now: Tips for talking with kids about tough issues
Topics include Sex & Relationships, Violence, Race, Terrorism, Divorce, and more.
National Association for School Psychologist Resources

Helping Kids with Tragic Events in the News (PBS)

Paediatric Chaplaincy Network
We are a group of multi faith religious and spiritual care staff and volunteers. Includes videos, stories, and worship recommendations.

The Dougy Center
The Dougy Center provides a safe place for children, teens, young adults and their families who are grieving a death to share their experiences through peer support groups, education, and training.
Carenotes: Elf Help Books for Kids and other Elf Help Resource
These books and pamphlets provide a wide variety of children's stories and resources to help them, parents, families, and pastors during a difficult situation. 

Conscious Discipline
Conscious Discipline has fostered a fundamental shift in thinking that empowers adults and children to be the change they want to see in the world.

Quick Reminder from Sesame Street: What to say when your child says, “I’m scared!”
2 years old or younger: Let your child know it’s okay to feel scared. Even more than words, young children need tangible reassurance. Try providing your child with a comfort item to hold on to, and keep her close at hand. Lots of hugs help, too!
3 TO 5: “It’s OK to feel scared. Can you tell Mommy why you’re scared? Mommy loves you, and I will be here to keep you safe.”
6 TO 11: Start by asking your child what she already knows about what has happened and how she’s feeling, so you know how to address her particular concerns. Reassure her that it’s okay to be scared, but that she is safe and will be cared for.”

Children's Books

I believe everyone can learn from Children's Books! There are faith, biblical, secular, cultural, and creation stories that can help humanity be more faithful and love. (Click here for list.

Picture Book Theology: A blog for ways to use secular stories theologically.
Storypath: "The resources here are divided into book reviews, lesson plans using children’s books, and other ideas for using children’s literature in different settings."

Lee and Low Books

Eco Bookworms

Tough Conversations


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