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The Great Party

The Great Party

Light a candle and remember the presence of God is with you.

Cut out the pieces to help you tell this story.

Jesus told us sacred stories called parables.
Sacred means that something is extra special.
Jesus was extra special and so were the stories he told.

The extra special stories Jesus told were messages about how to love God and love each other. Let us wonder how this parable helps us love. (Pause.)

This story goes a little like this…

It was the most special invitation to a really big REALLY BIG party!

Lots of people were invited. But many people did not come.

They had lots of excuses.

“I really want to come, BUT I have to water my plants!”

Move the plant away from the table.

“I really want come, BUT I need to take care of my animals.”

Move the animal far away from the table.

“I really want to come, BUT I am married and need to be home!”

Move the rings far away from the table.

So many people were just too busy to go to the party.

The host of the party was upset that no one wanted to come to the party. The host had put so much work into making it special for everyone!

The host then decided to send out more invitations!

Strangers were invited! People who were poor were invited!

People who were sick were invited!

Children were invited!
People that usually never get invited to a party were invited to the great party!

Place the people around the table.


The Good Shepherd_edited.jpg

Luke 14:21b-23 (Common English Version)
“Go as fast as you can to every street and alley in town!

Bring in everyone who is poor or crippled or blind or lame.”

When the servant returned, he said, “Master, I’ve done what you told me,

and there is still plenty of room for more people.”

His master then told him, “Go out along the back roads and fence rows

and make people come in so that my house will be full.

I wonder…

. . . how this parable helps us love?

. . . what a Great Party feels like?

. . . if the guests have names?

. . . why some people came to the party and

some did not?

. . . how many people can sit around the table?

. . . where you are in this parable?

. . . Can you tell this story differently?

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